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Choose Summit Point Kart for your next corporate team-building exercise. There are virtually no limit to the number of participants. We can also arrange for catering and party tent rentals.

Select the option for the first 12 people as a deposit. If more guests attend (up to 24) they are billed at $60(GP3), $80(GP4), or $100(GP5) per person on site at the beginning of the event. Contact us for scheduling.


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Generally speaking, we have three popular events: Grand Prix 3, 4 and 5. A Grand Prix is a structured group of related karting sessions as opposed to a bunch of unrelated arrive and drive sessions.

Grand Prix 3

A Grand Prix 3 is a Practice, Qualifying, and Race.The practice is as it sounds… a session to get used to the speed of the karts and how they handle. The each drivers fastest lap in the qualifying session determines their starting position for the race. (Fastest in front, slowest in back). For the race, everybody lines up on “The Grid” according to their qualifying time and when the green flag drops, everybody hits the gas and goes. The first person to cross the finish line is the winner.

The Gran Prix 3 is best for the general group that includes all sorts of drivers (physically fit to no-so-physically-fit). Time is 2 hours for every 50 people.

Grand Prix 4

A Grand Prix 4 is a Grand Prix 3 with an added inverted start race.The people who finished first in the first race start in the back for the second race and the people who finished last in the first race start in the front for the second race. This spices thing up. It gives the slow people a second chance and the fast people a challenge.

The Grand Prix 4 is the best for competitive groups who really like to see who’s faster than who. The GP4 is a popular bachelor party format or for competitive sales teams. Time is 2.5 hours for every 50 people.

Grand Prix 5

A Grand Prix 5 is a Grand Prix 4 with yet another added race (the third race). This race is not only an inverted grid, but a Le Mans start where all the karts are lined up on one side of the track and the drivers on the other. When the green flag drops, all the racers run across the track, jump in their karts and race.

The Grand Prix 5 is the best for karting fanatics. It will wear out the average Joe to the point where some of them choose not to complete the event due to exhaustion. Make sure the people in your group are healthy and physically fit if you choose a Grand Prix 5. Time is 3.0 hours for every 50 people.



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Grand Prix 3, Grand Prix 4, Grand Prix 5