SPK Racing Camp

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Race Camp

  • Regular Price:
    • 1 day: $100 (day 1)
    • 2 day: $195 (day 2,3 ) for kids who have already taken our kids racing school
    • 3 day: $275 (day 1,2,3)
    • 4 day: $365 (day 2,3,4,5) for kids who have already taken our kids racing school
    • 5 day: $450 (day 1,2,3,4,5)
    • Dates:
      • March 3-7
      • April 14-18
      • June 16-20
      • Time: 9:00 am – 1 pm
      • Information for parents:
        • Each participating child will need to have a minor release signed by a parent (and only a parent) before being able to take the class. No exceptions.
        • Parents will get a complimentary session on the adult track for each day they attend that can be used after the class or on another visit.
        • Parents who attend will get several how-to-coach-your-kid tips and tricks.
        • Description:
          • Day 1: A 4 hour class taking 4 to 15 year olds through the fundamentals of racing karts at Summit Point Kart including an introduction to safety equipment, essential kart control skills, flags, basic passing, and race conduct. The day ends with some micro races to put all of the elements together. After passing the course, graduates will be able to drive in kids “Arrive and Drive” as well as the kids racing leagues. This class is a great way to see if you kid is interested in and ready to start their racing career.
          • Day 2: Advanced passing and situational awareness. Students will learn what their responsibilities are in every phase of a pass and how to adjust their path (i.e. racing line) accordingly.  With this knowledge, quality racing begins to take shape. The day finishes with some medium length races that focus on each racer’s ability to put these skills to use by safely executing passes and yielding racing room when required.
          • Day 3: Advanced kart control and efficiency. The ultimate goal of this day is a fast lap. From behind the wheel and from analyzing lap data, students will learn to differentiate optimum driving from over driving. Students can expect major improvement in their lap times, and will also take with them new skills that will continue to reduce their lap times in the future.
          • Day 4: Race craft and Sportsmanship. Students will be introduced to offensive and defensive lines and when it’s appropriate to use them. Students will also learn the importance of a quality off-track rapport with their fellow racers.

Day 5: Championship. The final day puts students in a competitive situation where all the skills they have learned can be applied. The championship consists of numerous points heats ending with an awards ceremony.