Pro Comp

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Pro Comp

“Racing is life, everything else is just waiting for the next one” – Steve McQueen

If you have earned Pro or Elite status at SPK you have earned the privilege of competing in the SPK Pro Comps.  Every Sunday afternoon, any SPK Pro or SPK Elite driver can race against the best drivers at SPK.

No extra fees to compete – Open Comp heats cost the same as a regular A&D session, or use your KTP/KTFU.

No advance signup – Show up Sunday within 10 minutes of the start, declare to the ladies at the desk your intention to participate, weigh yourself and you’re in!

Format: The Pro Comp consists of 2 qualifying heats, 3 race heats and 1 Showdown. The top 12 drivers (based on single fastest lap) advance to the heats. Points accumulated across the 3 heats determine the 2 Showdown drivers. The winner of the Showdown is crowned the Pro Comp Champion!

The winner receives the glorious, always earned never given, full-color Pro Comp Champion helmet sticker!

Some unique features of the SPK Comps:

  • No advance sign up
  • No extra fees
  • No cumulative points, a new champion every Sunday
  • All drivers compete at same weight by adding ballast, eliminating the skinny guy advantage
  • Formula 1 style standing starts
  • Inverted kart and position choice to balance the field

Detailed Format Information

  • Pre Race Drivers Meeting – mandatory drivers meeting to explain rules. Each driver is given ballast, based on their weight, to place in karts during all qualifying/racing.
  • Open Comp Qualifying – a single qualifying session to determine who advances to race. Drivers randomly assigned karts. Only the fastest single lap time of each driver counts. Top 12 fastest drivers advance.
  • Pro Comp Qualifying – Pro Comp qualifying is 2 sessions. Qualy 1 – drivers randomly assigned karts. Qualy 2 – inverted kart selection based on the fastest single lap of each driver. I.e the driver with the slowest fastest lap picks first. At the end of both Qualys, each drivers fastest single lap in either Qualy is used. The top 12 drivers advance.
  • Race 1
    • Drivers do 2 cycles of selecting either kart or starting position in order based on qualifying (fastest driver selects first).  In the 1st cycle, driver may either choose a kart or a starting position. In 2nd cycle, driver must choose whatever he didn’t choose in first cycle.
    • Standing Start – the field is gridded directly from the pits (no warm up lap)
    • Green-to-Checker – no white flag. Number of laps is randomly determined, usually between 8-11 laps.
    • Points – 1 point for starting, plus 1 point for each driver you finished ahead of, based on number of drivers that started the race.
    • Races 2 and 3
      • Same 2 kart or position cycles, but the driver order is inverted based on finishing position of Race 1
      • Showdown
        • After 3 races, points are tallied and top 2 points finishers advance to the Showdown
        • If 1st driver is more than 3 points ahead of 2nd place, 1st place driver may choose to declare victory and skip the Showdown.
        • 1st has choice of direction (forward or reverse) or position (inside or outside)
        • 2nd has choice whatever victor didn’t choose
        • 3rd place chooses a set of 3 karts that are the most equal
        • 4th place chooses another set of 3 equal karts
        • 1st place eliminates one of the groups
        • 1st and 2nd by consensus eliminate 1 kart in the remaining group
        • 1st place choose heads/tails on coin toss
        • Winner of coin toss chooses kart
        • Showdown race
          • Standing start
          • 5 laps
          • Mercy kill if 1st place establishes large gap, or on black flag