2013 SPK Youth Pre-Season Training

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2013 SPK Youth Competition League

The 3rd season of the SPK Youth League is about to begin!

Too slow for soccer? Bored by baseball? More interested in fast cars than football? If your kid said yes to any of these, then he or she is perfect for the SPK Youth League!

I was always picked last in gym class. If SPK karting had existed when I was a kid, it would’ve changed my life – “Russh” Mullen

A unique competitive experience. Motorsports are a great way to give a kid a chance to compete in a sport where running, jumping and throwing aren’t important. Equal parts strategy, tactics, coordination and skill, it gives boys and girls to the chance to compete on a leveled playing field. And all the while they’re learning skills that might save their lives…driving safely.

Is this really safe? Torn ACLs and concussions are becoming a serious problem in traditional youth sports, yet these injuries are virtually non-existent in karting. With the safety equipment we provide, the safety measures employed at the track, and our experienced staff we would (and have!) confidently sign up our own kids to participate.

My kid has only driven karts a couple times, she’ll get shredded! We aren’t going to throw your kids in the deep-end. As with any other sports league, the first couple weeks will be strictly practice. Young racers will be able to hone their skills and practice their moves before the heat of competition starts.

Many opportunities to race, win and succeed! Every weekend is a mini event with plenty of opportunities to compete and win, and plenty of recognition for improvement and success.

Season points. In addition to weekly winners. Racers will also accumulate season points, with end-of-season recognition of the grand champions.