On a beautiful, sunny Saturday last week, Summit Point Kart kicked off its racing season with the IRS1040 endurance race. For 10 hours and 40 minutes, 15 teams battled each other for top honor, and the track they did it on was like none other.  Dubbed the SPKburgring, it comprised 30 turns, 3 straights, and

A Sport For Kids of All Ages…..

Tuesday, 26 March 2013 by

By Jim Dickey

There is no doubt that sports can greatly enhance a kids development. They can teach teamwork, discipline, the value of hard work, and a sense of fair play. Sports like football, baseball, soccer, and hockey have been a major component in the shaping of American’s self identity for more than a century. They are each wonderful in their own right, but they don’t serve everyone equally and in many cases serve to alienate kids who weren’t blessed with the gifts of size, strength, speed, or agility. As a guy who weighed 64 pounds in the 9th grade, I was constantly reminded that I was just short of worthless when participating in team sports. I endured all the jokes about being a horse jockey, a convenient armrest for taller players, and was even the “tossed object” in a couple of impromptu midget tossing contests. Suffice to say that I never found great joy in athletics.


I have had a great year. And finding Summit Point Kart is pretty big contributing factor to that. This year was my first at Summit Point Kart – it was also my first time racing anything on four wheels.

I can’t believe how far I’ve come along since that cooooold weekend in March, and how much fun I’ve packed into so very few months. When I started, I was super gung ho about all the technical aspects of racing; lines, braking points, apexes, throttle control, blah blah blah. And there was so much going on I wasn’t sure where to start to improve my times. I remember coming out of a session, looking at my times, and comparing them to a few veterans, and wondering, “How in the hell did they get around the track so fast?”. Was it their braking? Throttle? Their line? Their steering? Their kart? I was several seconds slower than them – but I couldn’t see how it was possible to make the kart go faster without killing myself. But man, I was hooked. So much to learn, so much to improve on, so much faster to go.

Tommy Milner and SPK raised nearly $4000!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012 by

Thanks to the participation of a truly great collection of karters and racers last weekend, Tommy Milner and SPK raised nearly $4000 for the family of Ian Turner and the victims of Hurricane Sandy. The money raised for Hurrican Sandy victims has been donated to the American Red Cross. Thanks to all who came out


By NASA 2010 SpecE30 National Champion, Frans Hansen

I come onto the main straight with good speed and pick up a tow from the race leader. I’m closing up quickly approaching the braking zone, one to two lengths behind. I decide to make my move for the race lead at turn one, under braking. My competitor’s brake lights come on. I go in deeper, past my standard marker. No guts, no glory, right?

The gap closes. I dive inside. I have some overlap. Now — hard on the brakes!  Just then, my competitor turns in, aiming left for the apex. He can’t see me! I’m right in his blind spot, my right front wheel next to his left rear. I turn left more.  I must slow faster.  I press the brake pedal harder, but the rears start screeching. Not good… collision course… unavoidable… BAM!