Youth Programs

SPK is proud to offer the SPK Kid Kart School* to teach kids under 16 kart control, track safety, and some elements of race starts and how to react to flags. By teaching all the basics, kids will have a good foundation that will enable them to participate in SPK events safely and ultimately have fun.


Students first enter the classroom for a quick 15-20 minute rundown of some basic rules, a little information about the track and some explanation of the flags.

We then begin the day by gearing up with safety gear (rib protectors, neck supports and helmets) and we fit the students into the karts ensuring they can operate the controls comfortably. We begin to identify the baseline skill level of the participants with a slow speed lead follow session including some stop and go hand signals. Next we introduce a slalom procedure. Every exercise is designed to build on the previous one. After successfully navigating the track and being presented with some flags and the students are reacting correctly we start stepping up the pace with an accelerate/hard braking test. The students learn how to properly brake the kart without introducing a spin. Instructors demonstrate how easy small steering inputs while braking can quickly get the kart out of control. During this exercise the participants begin to see how fun this is once the speed increases a little.

Confidence builds quickly and soon the students are ready for a higher speed lapping session with strict passing rules. During these sessions the students are presented with a variety of flags that they must react to and are tested as to how well they follow instructions and see the flags. Eventually the passing rules are relaxed a little at a time and the competition heats up. Each driver graduates to a higher confidence level with each lap and soon all participants are lapping at a quick pace and safely executing passes. Finally a "mock" race is staged and the drivers experience the race grid and a standing start. A few laps with some friendly competition really puts the day into perspective for all the participants. Our day is conceded with an awards ceremony and a chance for the parents to try out their hand at driving around in the karts on track with their kids.

*Passing this school is required to participate in both SPK Kid Karting League events and SPK Kid Arrive and Drive. We honor AllsportsGP Youth Karting licenses.

All participants will have to have a minor waiver to be signed by a parent or guardian. Parents do not need to be present during the school, but are welcome to watch and join us in class and at lunch.

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to event start to sign in. In the event of event cancellation, an email will be sent out to registered participants to notify of reschedule.

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Kids under 48" or less than 6 years old must call to schedule a kart fitting at least 1 day prior to the class to see if they will be able to control the kart. In many cases a custom foam seat will need to be made for $80.